The Persona that is “My Super Nanny”


My Super Nanny… the cupid of childcare.
We run an online babysitting service that matches parents with carers across Australia

For many of us, the option of a 9-5 childcare is a difficult choice. From negotiating the drop offs with a partner, to whom will get in more trouble being late to work. To trying to organise lunches the night before after a long week at the office. For many mothers’ the traditional option of childcare for our little cherubs is a worry we face. Many women work from home, like oneself or work shift work with changing hours every week. Some women work casual days and some are in freelance and contract work. I personally know that trying to organise care for my son after hours, for when I schedule a lot of meetings (my industry means a lot of night conferences and early morning coffees) can be testing, to say the least.

So whilst trying to juggle a 2 year old, a diary full of meetings and after hours care of occasional care hours that finished too early, I was ready to pack it in or add baileys to my coffee. Until.. I heard about “My Super Nanny.”

My Super Nanny is an online babysitting service that matches parents with carers across Australia. It is an online babysitting service that matches parents with carers across Australia. It’s like Tindr for Mums, without the inappropriate photos and with actual matches you can use in your everyday life.

Like babies and white tops, tequila and good decisions, or children and sleep ins; some things don’t match. Other things like flat shoes and park trips, bath time and bubbles, or champagne and strawberries; do. My Super Nanny’s sophisticated match-making software pairs the right nanny with the right family. I would call this genius, they call it common sense. Just like how it’s common sense that leaving kids with a lipstick and your laundry is a bad idea.

My Super Nanny understands the struggle for mums and dads, and know that spare time is an elusive concept for anyone with children. Spare moments are sucked up by the vortex of parenthood. That’s why they based My Super Nanny around three simple values all carers require; reliability, care and intuition.

So I took to interview the persona behind the magical matchmaking unicorn that is My Super Nanny and this is what they thought:

What is your aim for your company and clients?

That’s simple… Our aim is to make your life easier. How do we do that? By giving you access to someone you can trust and rely on for the most important of jobs.

Why should a Mother/Parent choose My Super Nanny?

For starters we are a little bit different, and we like it that way.

But most importantly, we are Australia’s most trusted online nanny and babysitting service.

How do you know what kind of carer each individual family needs?

Not all families are the same. And not all nannies are the same. Our match-making algorithm pairs the right nanny with the right family. This means less time trawling through lists of carers and more time to do things you enjoy; like socialising without a child trying to deposit chips into your nostrils.

What about safety and the wellbeing of our children, is that taken into account?

My Super Nanny genuinely care about your kids, but no-one will ever care as much as you. For that reason, we do leave the screening process up to you.

You can request for parents to have our online checks (like our Trullio ID check or Working With Children Check)) through our site, and then screen and interview your applications until you find your perfect match.

Can I afford to use this service?

We only charge a small sign up fee of $6.95 dollars a month or $69 dollars a year. You fork out enough money on your kids, this is one less expense.

Well, you don’t have to tell this Mother twice.

So for more information on the sparkly, magical company that is My Super Nanny visit,

thumbnail_My Super Nanny - Talking Teddies

Signing off now to make myself an espresso whilst wearing my brand new white t-shirt, because I have already set up direct debit and I havent seen the GOT finale yet.

Rosanna Wilson


Rosanna Wilson is currently a full time mum to one and student. She writes about her relationship with coffee, and how it parallels to her role as a mother. She is on a journey to find kid friendly, fashionable cafes for herself and her social two year old. She lives a breathes locale bayside Rosanna Wilson. Brighton. Melbourne Founder of MumBubandaBarista



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