“On Fridays We Wear Pink”… and Mondays, through to Sunday.


A few months ago I had people constantly asking me what I did for myself, to feel happy and at peace during my days as a Mother and writer. I wrote about it at: https://mumbubandabarista.wordpress.com/2016/03/01/refilling-your-emotional-cup-and-refuelling-your-soul/

I tried to write down in one sitting the tools I have used over the last 2 years, but with a sick toddler and other life commitments it just didn’t happen. So I scribbled my “happy tools” everywhere, from post it notes to writing on my sons blackboard.  One of the key points for me was exercise:

Exercise- what that’s crazy? Of course you have heard this one. Yet I’m not saying go run a half marathon in between nappy changes and daycare drop offs. For me walking has kept me sane more than anything else these last few years. When my son wouldn’t sleep any where but the pram, I would head out the door at 8am and not come back until I felt clearer in my mind and ready to tackle the day.

This way of living and being constantly on the move, has also lead to my love of; Yoga Pants.

Yep I am one of those people who now live in yoga pants, for two main reasons.

  1. They are comfortable! So many things in life are uncomfortable, what I wear needn’t be. Enough said.
  2. I have a toddler. Between the play dates, the daycare drop offs, picking up food off the floor and running to mummy/toddler gym classes, yoga pants work. I do have the luxury of working from home, so only when I have face-to-face meetings do i change into a pantsuit (keep my yoga pants in the car) then strip straight back into them afterwards.

I also have tried so many brands. There have been some I was really impressed with, by their quality,  but they were lacking in colour and life. Then I found some cheaper ones that were colourful, but did not meet my expectations of covering my Mum belly and actually being able to bend over. Thats when I was wandering the online streets of etsy and I found the magical unicorn that is https://www.etsy.com/shop/ColoursOfBrazil

Colours of Brazil are a Melbourne based, and Brazilian made company that sell yoga pants, tights and under garments, founded by the talented Luciana Carvalho and Carol Massad.


Carol Massad 0449 689 422 carol@coloursofbrazil.com.au

Luciana Ferreira Carvalho 0449 076 334 luciana@coloursofbrazil.com.au



Now when you see me rocking my socks off, exercising and drinking wine (not at the same time) in my yoga pants

You know where the title for this blog came from.




Signing off now and off to ignore the laundry basket,

as I bought 3 pairs of leggings to make life easier.

Rosanna Wilson. Brighton. Melbourne
Founder of Mumbubandabarista
Avid instagrammer @mumbubandabarista, with a growing group of followers daily.
Website: https://mumbubandabarista.wordpress.com
Rosanna Wilson is currently a full time Mum to one, and Student.
She writes about her relationship with coffee, and how it parallels to her role as a mother. She is on a journey to help others find kid friendly, fashionable cafes. Her and her social two year old live and breathe Bayside.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Not that I’m ‘active’ at all {once weekly walk of the lake is all I can commit to } but I love the colour and patterns of these…thanks for the heads up Rosanna will check them out!


    1. thanks Loveyourwardrobe. I am not a ten km marathon runner like my partner either, but i wear them to run around after my kid and just being a mum in general. So comfy and you are welcome.


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