Something for EVERY BODY, and why “Everybody Loves Zagame’s.”

“Table for two?” Is a phrase not often delivered by the mouths of parents. The words that ensue are those that follow the lines of, “yes we would like a high chair” and “may we please order from the kids menu immediately?”

With our anniversary coming up quicker than the dawn without sleep, I wanted to take him out to celebrate. With deadlines, and work and a lack of babysitters, we knew a white table linen service, with a degustation menu and 3am finish was out of the question. We also love having our son around us, and being part of our everyday activities because he is a celebration of whom we are together. So with that in mind, and wanting someplace special we went looking for answers in the same place all parents do… Google.

Once arrived at our destination of food gastronomy pages and restaurants in Melbourne, we opted for a place that promised to deliver the following criteria:

  1. Kid friendly, with children’s meals and an area for them to run around and exhaust all possible energy instead of letting it out at a long dinner.
  2. Fashionable, clean to my standard of perfection and oozing with character.
  3. Meals and drinks that could accommodate my love for food that captures tastes, and is unique and my partner’s that has two criteria: chicken and parmigiana.

Zagame’s Caulfield fit all the initial criteria, and added a couple of new ones, and have set the bar for other Restaurants since our Saturday Night Visit.

Zagame’s also managed to perfectly capture the two parallels of our experience (my partner and I) with food. My partner is the traditional pub meal man, whom will not read the menu and instead ask for the Chicken Parmigiano upon arrival. I am however a lot more lavish and adventurous, and like to try food that is different and unique. If there is one word in the item that I don’t recognise, I will always order that meal. So like the two sides in our relationship, Zagame’s Caulfield Hotel also captures these paradoxes.

On the outside is the classic pub facade, underrated and sitting proudly amongst the history of the nearby Caulfield racecourse. Yet, step inside and the interior is modern and lavish, which brings a connection from the Chadstone Shopping Centre located nearby. Like anything in theory the two genres wouldn’t seem to work, but when you are experiencing it, they meld together perfectly.

The minute you walk into the Zagame’s Caulfield Hotel, you notice it is sophisticated, with the gleaming tiled floors and crisp, white and clean kitchens. Whilst being shown to your table you experience two emotions. The first is that slight hesitation all parents feel on a night out, along the lines of “this is lovely and all but I have a 2.5 year whom won’t sit longer than one episode of Thomas the Tank Engine”. The subsequent emotion is relief as you spot the Kids World Play centre within eye view, exactly three minutes after your toddler spots it. With that, you settle in to acquaint yourself with the wine list.

Zagame’s Caulfield Hotel has all the wonderful features you’ve come to know and love about Zagame’s, including; the fine food and friendly service of Zagame’s Family Bistro and entertainment facilities. The ambience that my partner looks for in any night out, is that of an old school pub, and I personally like subdued music. The staff and chefs catered to our every need, were polite, professional and allowed the night to be enjoyable. The food was delivered on time, in unison and cooked to perfection. Which says 2 things to me: 1. these chefs know what they are doing, and 2. they have more patience and concentration than I do when cooking and delivering food, as they do it with the backlight ambient noise of 20 children in a play centre in the building.



#everybodyloves #zagameshotel



Mothers and families looking for kid friendly, fashionable cafes. That’s whom I was, when I first began my journey and boy what a journey it has been. I have seen a dramatic change in the Restaurant scene within the last decade, and now with the addition to our new ‘go-to’ restaurants, we will keep returning. The entire experience was recognition of the reason Zagame’s had chosen the following tagline…. “Everybody Loves Zagame’s”. Because the marketing geniuses figured out a way to please both the husband and wife’s objecting personalities, and fine-tuned it to the wants of the children.



What more do you need to know? Come in and see them, to find out why… Everybody Loves Zagame’s.

Zagame’s Hotels Website

Zagame’s Hotels Facebook

Zagame’s Hotels Instagram Page

Signing off now,

As a Mother to one, whom no longer has to ask for the food to go,

as her son is happily playing in the Kids World Centre.

Rosanna Wilson. Brighton. Melbourne
Founder of MumBubandaBarista

Rosanna Wilson is currently a full-time mum to one, and food writer.
She writes about her relationship with coffee and food, and how it parallels to her role as a Mother. She is on a journey to find kid friendly, fashionable cafes for herself and her social two year old. She lives and breathes locale Bayside, Melbourne.



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