Experiencing the Miracle that is “Miracle Months”

My experience of the Miracle Months Program

#Miracle Months

I recently choose to partake in the Miracle Months program by Libby Nuttall, which is an exciting new innovation in the Mothering world because of its mode of delivery!

The program is a Video-based pre & post natal wellness program empowering women through pregnancy & beyond. As a Mother to one, I enrolled in the Trimester four program, in which the guide is towards re-engaging ones core and pelvic floor, learning to strengthen muscles and safely increase exercise. The program is also suited to provide advice on breastfeeding, nutrition and as I was to find out, a LOT MORE.

So, I thought I would do a review for my viewers, and structure it around commenting on each of the concepts, Miracle Months aims to deliver.

Each Miracle Months package includes:

  • A range of fitness workouts, adaptable to your fitness level and ability, designed by qualified and experienced personal trainer, Libby Nuttall. Provided with explanations, photos and videos to make your exercise as easy as possible. Our workouts use bodyweight and resistance bands, which can be purchased here.

I went into the workout not really knowing what to fully expect, and I was surprised. Delightfully surprised that is! The content and instructions are so well done, that I felt calm and relaxed during the whole video. You know what else I loved? they weren’t too complicated or long, and I just felt like I was relaxing and watching a great YouTube video, whilst feeling better inside and out.

  • Yoga sequences, designed by a qualified and experienced pre and post natal yoga teachers Lauren Burns and Lucy James.

You know when you go to a really great yoga class and the instructors makes you feel instantly calm just by the tone of their voice? Yep? that is exactly how Lauren and Lucy were. I felt like there was no ipad screen between us, and their personalities radiated through their work and into my loungeroom.

  • Guided meditations to help you take time out and refresh your mind each day, developed by mum and meditation teacher Kylie-Olivia Smith.

Meditation. It’s a challenge, right?

It’s taken me years of telling myself to do it to actually work up to sitting still for ten minutes a day and I was still struggling with this!

Kylie explained it in a way that spoke to me personally “Maybe you think it doesn’t interest you, or you can’t stop that noise in your head, but all it takes is a little practice to be on your way. My tip would be to do it to a soft meditative music you enjoy, or a guided meditation like ours. Leaving yourself in silence will only encourage an active mind for a beginner.”

A beginner I was, but the silence in my mind (even with my toddler playing) was just what I needed.

Dozens of healthy, pregnancy-friendly recipes developed by our resident Nutritionist Erin Burns.

Now I would like to consider myself quite healthy, but I have been struggling with ideas for recipes and ones that are convenient. Erin totally got my attention with the Peanut-butter Protein Balls. I kid you not, they are like Reese’s cups that are healthy!

  • Expert interviews and demonstrations from our resident Physiotherapist Ellen Francis

I slouch. I am a phenomenal sloucher. When I work, cook, watch tv, heck I am pretty sure I would be slouching lying down, somehow. Ellen however, had a way of reinforcing in me the need to not only improve my posture but make it so that good posture is now a habit.

  • Expert hollistic health interviews from our resident Naturopath Jill Kratsis

Becoming a Mum, especially for the first time, can be a rude awakening as to just how much the body goes through during labour and how long it will take you to recover. There is truly a point as a Mother, where you not only realise how essential it is for your child to have care from many different areas, but yourself also. Do I have a Doctor? Yes. An OBGYN? yes. A Paediatrician? Yes. A naturopath? I already did, but now I actually go to her and feel like that was such a crucial component in my health as a whole, that I was missing.

  • A workout schedule to help keep you active

You know when you get up in the morning, and your inner dialogue has an argument about whether you can brave the brisk morning to go to the gym? My inner dialogue usually ends up saying “hmmmm, later.” Now it is later, and I have missed the metaphorical gym boat, and I get a PING! A special email with my newest instructional video, happily waiting for me to open when I get the time, between being a Mum and employee. Finally a schedule that fits in with my life!

The workout schedule and daily videos went for a 14 day period, and they were timely delivered to my inbox (How easy!) But what I loved is that I can still use the videos for 12 weeks from the purchase date.


  • A private Facebook group to seek support and keep accountable with other participants.

You will find out through Pregnancy and Post Partum, that Google and Facebook is the epitome of resources, and sometimes it actually all gets a little bit lost in translation.

The Miracle Months team invited me to a private Facebook group which not only gives me a sense of sharing and support, but the information is accredited. It’s like when you write a paper and reference “Wikipedia”, that is other Facebook groups. This group however is in reference to “peer-reviewed doctored accredited” information.

  • Discount vouchers for pre and post natal apparel including Australia’s only sports bra store She Science and leading maternity activewear website Pregfit.

Sports Bras, maternity activewear. Enough said! Discount for items I already needed, but also realised I was wearing the wrong sizing in my other ones. Now, I am large breasted and if I can now  hit that treadmill without fear of knocking myself out, than by all means so can you ladies.


Libby from Miracle Months completely summed up how I had been feeling in recent months, and how I was now feeling after my workouts and that is:

“During pregnancy and the post partum period we need to let go of the ego. It’s ok not to do one more rep, it’s ok to stop there, it’s ok that you’re not running as fast as you were pre-pregnancy. Everything takes time and this time of your life will be over before you know it.”

If you would like to purchase a Wellness Package for yourself, or a friend (I have some baby showers coming up, and think this is perfect,) then please head on over to:



Miracle Months


If you would like further information on the wonderful program please feel free to head on over to  the website, or alternatively fill in our contact form at @mumbubandabarista and we can direct your inquiries.


Signing off now,

As a Mum to one, who is happier than a tired mum with a latte,

now I can drink said latte and actually laugh and sneeze with confidence.


Rosanna Wilson


Rosanna Wilson is currently a full time mum to one and student.
She writes about her relationship with coffee, and how it parallels to her role as a mother. She is on a journey to find kid friendly, fashionable cafes for herself and her social two year old. She lives a breathes locale bayside
Rosanna Wilson. Brighton. Melbourne
Founder of MumBubandaBarista




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