How I Got Pure, Just My Hair That Is



It’s been a while since I gave myself some time for maintenance, hair maintenance that is. So whilst I settled into my old habits for Winter, only shaving high enough to wear yoga pants and pushing my summer burnt hair under a beanie I reassessed the situation when I stood before the mirror and came face to face (literally) with a little grey hair.

Now one would not think that a 25 year old Mother to one, would have yet encountered a lonesome grey hair, but it seems the journey that is motherhood and the turmoil post pregnancy means my hair had started to show the age at which I felt. Now I am not discriminating against grey hair, in fact I have envied some women rocking the balage grey/silver locks, that however was not me. So I went to where all Mothers go for information, Google and then Facebook. I looked for local hairdressers, and that’s when I realised I have a small mini human that relies on me and he would need to come to said appointment. I do know that some hairdressers will visit your house and make you look like a sparkly unicorn from the comfort of your house, but my house looks like a lego museum exploded and the thought of cleaning hair disturbed me more than doing the ironing.

So when I heard about Patricia Diano from Purely Organic Hair, I felt my hair prayers had been answered, (all very Madonna like). I promptly booked in for an appointment, and was even assessed over what pre-hair care I would need and what look, maintenance and overall hair style I wanted.

When I walked into my appointment I was met with a beautiful lounge area and play area for children.  I was made comfortable on the lounge in the warmth with offerings of all sorts. During my consultation I was delivered a latte to my liking along with home made biscuits by Patricia  ( the woman can cook and style hair!)image.jpg

I spent a luxurious few hours being treated myself and Patricia treating my hair, which included a detox treatment, followed by a balage colour, with a layered trim and blow wave. If all that wasn’t enough, I was so relaxed during the whole thing I actually fell asleep. Like sitting up, drooling asleep. Patricia had let me choose essential oils to have in the room for my consultation and the frankincense I choose melted away the weeks stress.


I will say another thing, Patricia knows people. With 20 years in the field, (not that she looks it, she looks younger than me) she knew how to have a lively and funny conversation for the first part of the session and then when to share silence with me as she massaged my scalp and treated my damaged hair. It was truly comfortable, and for someone like me who does carry stress, that is hard so thankyou.

She  used products that I loved so much, because of their organic and beautiful properties, that I had to take a bag home for in between visits.


Natulique shampoo and conditioner


If you like myself, and the ladies in my mothers group are looking for the following in a hair salon:


Look her up.

If you would like to visit the magical hair master that is Patrica please contact her at the following details:

Patricia Diano

Principal Stylist, Purely Organic Hair

0408 383 486

82 Patrick Street, East Oakleigh

Signing off now,

as a new and improved version of myself (okay I am the same dishevelled Mum) but now I have hair to show off and not have to stuff under a beanie.

Rosanna Wilson



Rosanna Wilson is currently a full time mum to one and student.
She writes about her relationship with coffee, and how it parallels to her role as a mother. She is on a journey to find kid friendly, fashionable cafes for herself and her social two year old. She lives a breathes locale bayside
Rosanna Wilson. Brighton. Melbourne
Founder of MumBubandaBarista


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