To Stay or Takeaway?

imageIt is summertime here in Australia, and that means doses of 30 degree days with a sprinkle of rain, ( 4 seasons a day, here in Melbourne). So what better way to enjoy the weather then head out to a cafe on the beach, hit the deck and bask in the rays until your order arrives.

Yes, my life use to be that simple to. Then with motherhood things got a little more, let’s say “not simple.” An outing for coffee involved an encapsulating luggage bag of baby products, every pharmaceutical item known to man and a kitchen worth of milk apparatus for said newborn. Once baby and his entourage of stuffed animals and products were wrangled into the fancy, schmancy and bane of my existence pram it was off to said shops, approximately 6.7 hours after original idea was hatched.

When my child was a newborn I would keep him in his bassinet or pram capsule and quite happily flip through the paper (let’s be honest the sports section never got a glance) and drink my latte in the cafe until it was time to walk home for lunch. Fast forward a year later, and my one year old was not the quiet little baby I had gotten use to on my morning coffees.

This 12 joyful months in between quiet baby and grown up 2 year old was spent leaving far to many play dates and half drunk coffees behind because my child was just that, being a child. So what was a caffeine addicted, sleep deprived, mother to a teething toddler to do? Sure I could grab that takeaway coffee every time and sit at the park, but I missed the cafe atmosphere at times. I longed to see my fellow Brighton ladies in their gorgeous outfits and watch the cute pugs walk up church street with their owners. But, coffee to stay could be so risky with a temperamental 2 year old. *More on how to keep a 2 year old happy and where to go in following posts. So I did what any Mum in my position with experience would do, I ordered a tall latte with 2 to go, and politely asked if I could actually have said coffee at establishment. Pair latte with a baby Cino and I could still enjoy the atmosphere, yet make a run if the toddler turned south.

So from one Mum to another, yes you can have that delicious coffee and enjoy it at that swanky new cafe with the terrazzo floor, perhaps just compromise on its vessel and you won’t have to compromise on caffeine,

Ciao for now as the caffeine has worn off,





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  1. Hi Rosanna
    This is me… always order takeaways for myself and the three year old. Reading your post reminded me of how life was for me as my little one has grown up from the newborn to infant then toddler and now preschooler age. Prepare yourself for the marshmallow count with the babycinos!!

    Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day!

    SSG xxx

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    1. Haha oh I’m so glad you could relate and thank you for the lovely comment. Hahah yes at the moment he hasn’t really acknowledge the marshmallows but am waiting for that day! ✌️❤️❤️❤️


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